Duplicate actions

I always set some action to be repeated at certain intervals. e.g. repeat every 3 days
my setting: defer until certain day , then set repeat: every 3 days
once I completed the action, it should repeat on next 3 days.
but normally I found duplicate or more than 2 same action appeared in OmniFocus.
something wrong with my setting?
anyone can guide me?

When you complete a repeating task, OmniFocus creates a copy of it. So, maybe you are seeing some of those among your completed tasks.

Hi @keithlai! Sorry for the confusion.

@unlocked2412 is correct. When OmniFocus completes a repeating task, it makes a copy of that task for the next iteration, and adjusts the dates on that copy. We see duplicate copies most often when folks check off the same repeating task on two different devices before those devices get a chance to sync with each other. In that case, both devices make a copy for the next repeat iteration, and then you’ll see two of the same task when it comes up.

If this happens, it’s safe to delete one of the extra copies and simply continue using the other. You can avoid this problem by making sure all your devices are synced up frequently. (Our support team can help if you have any questions about sync — feel free to reach out.)

Thanks for using OmniFocus!

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