Duplicate areas of responsibility the second level down


I am doing a mindmap of my areas of focus in order to set up my folders and projects appropiately. What would you suggest I do if I hve a similar area under two othe areas of responsibility. Folr example: I hvae the program that I coordinate and I also teacher. I have development under each. Is that kind of replication efiecient?

Thank you


That’s where tags come in, which unfortunately OF doesn’t support right now.

Depending on exactly what you want to do, you might find some acceptable, but not elegant workaround on the other threads here if you search for tags

I can readily see equivalent sub-folder names, for example


  • Development

  • Development

As to efficiency, the definition is whatever works best for you.


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I do:

- Work
-- Team
--- Project 1 etc
-- General role
--- Project 1 etc
-- Management
--- Project 1 etc

So it’s all nested under a Work area, which is subdivided into role/team/mode specific folders (I wear a lot of hats). I see “development” as totally different when viewed through my team’s lens than I do through the lens of being a manager, as I’m developing different things. In those cases I think duplication is required and important to capture the full breadth of what you actually do.