Duplicated entries appearing on Both IOS and macOs

Hello there,

I have Both version of OmniFocus IOS and for Mac and I use them a lot in my day 2 day tasks.

I created some repeated actions and they work fine on my Mac but sometimes I open the iPhone to mark task as completed when I am away from my computer, but later on, the tasks will be completed on the Mac but because it is a repeating task it will have a duplicated one.

this issue is annoying, and I keep re-completing and deleting the extra duplications.

Thank you for this great APP,
You make our lives much easier

Hi @rabihfawaz! I’m sorry for the trouble. The OmniFocus team is aware of the duplication, and we’re tracking it as a bug.

You might be able to avoid duplicates if, after you check a task off using your iPhone, you make sure that OmniFocus gets a chance to sync before you close it. You can sync immediately by scrolling to the top of any list, then scrolling up a little more and tapping the Sync button that appears.

Thanks very much for using OmniFocus, and for your kind words. Reports like this help us make OmniFocus better.

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Good to hear you are working on this because I’ve experienced the same phenomena of taks being duplicated.