Duration columns convert months and years to weeks

I have a column with type Duration, and I want it measuered in quarter-years (or in months if there is no support for quarters).

But, whenever I enter duration in months (or years), it converts to weeks. Not only that, it converts incorrectly! If I enter “1 year” it displays “48 wks”.

Is there some setting I can change to fix this? Or is it a bug?


In my version (Pro) you can select the whole column, open the Inspector and change the settings for Duration.


It sounds like you’re currently using the Work Time settings for duration which does convert 1 year to 48 weeks. Based on the hours a day, week, and month are set to equal it breaks down like this: 8 hours = 1 day > 40 hours (5 work days) > 1 week > 160 hours (4 weeks) > 1 month. Therefore it sees 1 year as 12 months which equal 4 weeks each.

If you change the duration setting to Calendar Time then it converts 1 year to “52 weeks 1 day”. You can also specify your own custom values as the other poster’s screenshot shows.

As for being able to enter a value and have it display as months, this is not currently an option. If this is something you’d like to see I would recommend emailing us with your thoughts so we can add them to our development database. Hope this helps!

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Thanks, that is helpful. For now it is not urgent and I can work using weeks.