Dynamic Information in titles (like dates) on repeating tasks

Is there a way to create a dynamic item in the title for repeating tasks? For example I have a routine for Workday Shutdown that repeats every week day (except Friday). It creates a new action for each day which is great. However I want to append the date at the end of the title Workday Shutdown - 11/21/22 for example… The next day - 11/22/22 etc.

Is there a way to do that?

You’d have to do this as a shortcut adding today (or tomorrows) date formatted as desired to some title text and creating a project with that name in desired folder) although you could run it as an automation triggered at a regular time every day

Okay so as I understand it I could not use the “repeating task” option within omnifocus but instead would need a shortcut/automation to create the task/project each day?

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