Dynamically update a group?


I’m relatively new to Omnigraffle but am loving it so far.

I have a very complicated electronics block diagram I’m making. I would like to include a group on another canvas or file. Is there any way to just “link” the drawing/group so if it update in my master file, the changes get propagated? I’m still in frequent “tweak” mode, but I need to create the “big picture” diagrams for management.

Thank you,

There’s a couple options, which don’t sound exactly like what you want, but might work?

  1. LinkBack
    The manual assumes you’re using two separate apps, but you can also use this to embed one OmniGraffle document in another.

  2. Shared Layers
    This won’t work from one file to another, but ought to be enough for sharing a group across canvases.

Thank you!