Easily Access OO Outline through OF on OSX and iOS

What I’m looking for is a way to have a link/url/reference in the notes field of an OF project that automatically opens my OO project on either a mac or ios. Much in the same way a url link can link back to OF.

My ideal is to have a working project in OO, which, once parts are more defined, can be uploaded into OF easily. I just can’t find a good workflow for this and its a mystery to me why OO and OF aren’t better integrated.

Does anyone have any ideas or workflows like this? The only alternative I’ve found is to use Dynalist, which is free, instead of OO. Could have saved $60 if only I knew the limitations of Omni integration earlier.

Anyway, interested to hear what others do. I get that you can cut and paste between the softwares, and that’s fine. But it be nice to click through OF to get straight to the relevant OO document.

I tried attaching the file, no good since OO on iOS needs to copy the file into OO before opening. Tried a reference to the file, but again the same problem on iOS.