(Easily) connecting tasks to each other?

Hi all

Is it possible to straightforwardly connect two tasks in OmniFocus for Mac?

For instance, say I have Task A where I’ve stored a lot of supporting info in the Notes field. I now want to create Task B in a different project, and I’d like that task to make reference to Task A.

The aim is to make all of the supporting info easily available from Task B, without having to copy it all over to the second task (especially if the supporting material is getting regularly updated).

Anyone know if this is possible at all?

Thanks in advance

What I tend to do is put a link to one task in the notes of another. On Mac, you can right click, Copy as Link on a task, and then paste that link wherever you need it.

Hope that helps!



Consider keeping this information outside of OmniFocus, putting a link to this information in the note field of whatever actions/projects need to reference it. Among other things, this will make it easy to reference this information in the future, even once the OmniFocus project is completed and archived.

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Thanks both, useful suggestions!

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