Easy Enter Inbox Feature

I caved and bought the iPad app because I saw on the iPhone video there is the tapping option to quickly create a new Inbox item.

But I am using the iPad with a bluetooth keyboard. This is where I primarily do my typing, not my desktop. I am asking for a simple update to the iPad app which enables me to press ENTER in order to invoke a “New Inbox Item” window instead of having to press the “Save +” button.

Thank you!

you still need to tap a button to add a new action.

I purchased this app for iPad yesterday. I have already attached to Siri reminders. All I have to do is push my home button and say "Siri remind me to… " And it will automatically send it to OmniFocus inbox. I have also done this with my iPhone. Note: I recommend you turn off iCloud syncing for reminders. That way you don’t get several reminders in your inbox from the same message. Cheers!

It’s possible to configure the excellent Drafts app such that you can quickly enter a list of items and with a couple of taps create one OmniFocus action for each line in the note. I find this to be a very efficient. Details are here:


I’ve also created a video showing how to set this up that is available to Learn OmniFocus Members.


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