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I’m very new to OmniFocus so my question may seem simple. Is there a way to edit an existing entry? I have an entry in a Projects that has a list of items. I would like to add another item to the list, but when I hit ‘return’ the entry just goes blue.

when you have the task selected, press the Tab key to start editing the task. Press Return to finish editing the task.

The manual for OmniFocus 2 is available on the Apple iTunes bookstore as well as here:



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Thanks for the response. What you said is just what I read in the manuals, and from the description in OmniFocus | Preferences | General. I have Modern Mode selected.
When I click on the existing entry the entire line turns blue; when I press tab, just the existing text turns blue; when I press return, the entire line turns blue again.

Hi Charles,

In Modern Mode, Tab begins editing, and Return finishes editing. After pressing Tab, your text turns blue to indicate that it is being edited, so go ahead and take this opportunity to make your desired changes. When you press Return, your changes will be saved and you will no longer be editing this row.

Does that help?

Yes and no.
I have an entry in a Medical Project that lists other Projects that might have something to do with this project. The list looks like
Medical; Dr Sawbones
Medical; RX
Medical; Dental

I want to edit this list to add Medical; Insurance, to make it look like this
Medical; Dr Sawbones
Medical; RX
Medical; Dental
Medical; Insurance

The existing list was created in a Pages doc and then cut and pasted to OmniFocus. The original formating carried over.
The only solution I can think of is to use a Note.

Oh, so are all these items separate tasks in your outline? If so, then you don’t need to use Tab to edit any of your existing rows. Pressing Return first will create a new task in your outline. If you’re in the Projects perspective, select the entire row highlighting the Dental task with the arrow keys our your mouse. Then, press Return. Your newly created action will be placed in the outline immediately following your current row.

At any time you can click “New Action” in the toolbar or Command-N to create a new action, or press Return. After naming your new action, you can drag and drop to rearrange the order of tasks in your outline, or use the Organize ▸ Move commands from the menu bar to reorder the list.

They exist as a list in a single entry.

Sorry, it might be the different terminology we’re using but I’m not sure I follow. At the very least, it sounds like this list has not been copied over from Pages in an ideal way. If you could please send a screenshot of what you’re currently working with to omnifocus@omnigroup.com, I’m sure we would be able to offer further suggestions. The forums are a great place for community discussion, but if you’re having an issue with our software, the best way for us to provide technical assistance would be over email.

Thank you!

Thanks to Christina and aaron at OmniGroup.
I sent an email, with a screen shot, with an explanation of what I have in my project, and what I’d like to do. I received a reply in a few hours.
I can hold down ‘option’, hit ‘return’ and I move to new line in an existing entry. Simple and elegant.
Thanks to all.