Edit metadata with applescript

Hope you can help me.
I wonder if there is a way to read and edit the omnioutliner 4 document’s metadata with applescript.
I’ve search in the applescript OO4 dictionary but didn’t find any clue.
Thanks in advance.

Do you have any specific metadata in mind?


Yes, i’m oral surgeon (Maxilla facial surgeon in france) and i’d like to use omnioutliner to write my prescriptions and reports of consultation with omnioutliner (using applescript to choose templates and text expander to write faster when i need to adapt the prescription)
My main “database” is in devonthink pro office. I’d like to create within devonthink a new OO3 document and edit the omnioutliner metadata with applescript (like date of examination/ prescription ; name of the patient, date of birth, adress, and if possible the name and adresses of correspondants medics )
My goal is to have an addressbook vcf file of the patient and his physicians in devonthink and automatically populate my prescriptions and consultation reports with the personal datas. Am I clear ? English isn’t my natural language and i’ve difficulties to explain myself.
Hope you can help me .
P.S I’ve seen that the OO3 files where bundles of two XML file, I’d like to modify the metadata.xml file with applescript ( wish there’s an method for that !! )

It’s possible to use AppleScript to change the values in OO columns. But it’s difficult to suggest how you might want to proceed without more specifics.