Edit: Unable to copy+paste or duplicate Folders

Now I can no longer copy a folder from OF and paste it in to the archive.


@SupportHumans: Why the heck does OmniGroup continue to ignore and even cripple the ability to archive manually?


Hi I dont get what your benefit is from this arhciving? I dont understand the whole process

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@DrJJWMac will answer for himself, but what I see here is a work flow in which there are repeated groups of tasks, for example, preparing and delivering lectures. The task group is always similar - what varies is the subject, the actual content and the timing.

You might have a template for these tasks, with all the necessary projects and folders and tasks set up. You copy the template, carry out the tasks - and then you might want to archive the entire set somewhere. You don’t need it in your active Omnifocus database - it’s just taking up space - but you might want to retain the history.

Anyway, that’s what I see

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I archive Folders of content on a routine basis. Think quarterly or semester-by-semester or monthly or so. I have content that is completed within that time period. The Projects no longer need to stay in the OF database. They should however not be deleted in case I need to refer to them later.

Hence my need to archive by Project and/or by Folder.

OmniFocus does not provide (and never has provided) a way to archive by Project or Folder. I structure the folders in my Archive database to parallel those in my source database.

Hence my need to archive Folders using copy + paste.



As a follow up, I have just discovered that I cannot copy + paste or duplicate folders in my main OF3 database. Something else is amiss here that goes deeper than the archive database itself.

As a check, I set the permission settings on the main OF database as …

me: read+write
staff: read+write
everyone: read+write

Before I contact support directly, does anyone have a suggestion as to what could be happening?


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