Editing a task in Forecast View

So maybe this is just that I’m trying to get OF2 on Mac to do something it never was intended to do (or maybe it’s a function of the Forecast perspective), but I am most often in Forecast view/perspective. When I am going through each day and making adjustments, if I change the Due Date in the Inspect pane–poof!–that task disappears, keeping me from being able to also change its Project, if I had so desired.

As I say, maybe this is expected, since Forecast is organized by time, after all, and I’ve just changed the Due Date. Obvious workaround for editing tasks from Forecast view: change Project first, then Due Date, then it doesn’t matter when it moves out of my view.

However, I do note that when doing something similar in the Inbox, everything stays there until I manually click on Clean Up… so… is it that odd to expect Forecast to do something similar? I.e., not actually move until I click on Clean Up?

Or is there a way to improve my workflow in what I’m describing to adapt to OF’s workings here?

Flagged perspective works more like Inbox than Forecast here–if I unflag something in Flagged, it doesn’t disappear from view because it’s no longer flagged; it stays there till I click on Clean Up.

I find this behavior very disorienting, too. It seems illogical to have the action disappear immediately—especially since it remains active in the inspection panel! Now you have something editable on screen that you cannot see. I think this is a terrible user interaction, but I suspect that other people either never used Forecast like this or have come up with a workaround. That’s what I’ve done, but it is clearly imperfect since I keep finding myself going back to my Forecast to manage stuff.

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