Editing task - poof, where did it go?

Maybe it’s just me, but there are things I find in OF that just behave weird. Today I was writing up a task in my project and somehow managed to delete 20 minutes worth of work. I think what happened is that my mouse was elsewhere on the screen, and as I typed, my thumb brushed the touchpad selecting something. At this point, all of my keystrokes became interpreted as keyboard commands.

BOOM - it happened fast. First I saw indenting change and then poof. I had this happen before, and I finally found the task under some other location. This time, no such luck.


I use the changed perspective to look for most recently changed tasks.

If you are in a perspective and you change a task, it can disappear because the task no longer fit the perspective filter settings. For example, if I have a perspective that looks for all tasks tagged with “Home” and you remove the Home tag, that task will disappear from view.

I can’t remember if the Changed perspective is one of the built-in perspectives. But I created my own custom perspective which requires Pro.

I do recall that if i have a task selected, tapping the space bar will complete it. Tapping the Tab key or the ‘E’ key will let me edit the task title.

Not sure if this will help you? Otherwise the Undo command will resurrect something?

Undo did not help, and nothing was in the backup area. I’ll check out perspectives. While poking around, I discovered the “Dropped” button- scared the crap out of me :)

I’m sort of new to Mac, etc. so the way Mac “thinks” is different to me. Thanks for the suggestions.

Hmm. OmniFocus does a backup every hour and every time the app quits. You might be able to go to File > Show Backups in Finder and retrieve them if they were backed up before the tasks were deleted.

It shows your OmniFocus backup folder. Then look at the date created to look for a particular time period. OmniFocus will keep the last 100 backups.

I looked into the backups. I don’t think the backup process ever had a chance to capture anything. I re-wrote the task (means I’ll probably find the original now :) )


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