Effects - great start! Please continue to improve

Loving the fantastic changes and new effects feature in 6.1. Thank you Omnigroup for listening and making improvements.

While I’m encouraged, the new effects feature would be much more useful if it could be applied selectively, (perhaps through the grouping mechanism, or perhaps through the linkback mechanism). For example, I already need to apply a filter to just the object(s) directly below it, and not the entire scene directly below it. It’s also frustrating that the effects are being applied as bitmap transformations to the objects underneath - this is most disappointing with the Magnify effect - would be so much more compelling if the magnified items retained their limitless vector resolution. Similarly, it’s a bummer that these effects don’t seem to survive the copy as PDF/linkback process. Finally, I would also really like to just apply effects such as blur to an object itself, and not as a “lens effect” through an object to the items below it.