Efficient & *Essential* GTD with OF2


I’ve used GTD and OF for years now and still feel I’m not remotely using it to it’s fullest so I’m taking another whack at reorganizing my epic lists and returning to square one by reviewing the GTD essentials and making sure I understand how they correspond to OF2 OSX AND iPhone functionality. Any input is most welcome and gratefully received…

Dave says these are the essential metrics that matter most and I completely agree.

Context (availability of tools like phone, computer, internet connection, office)
Time (time you have at hand, e.g. before the next meeting starts)
Energy (the level of attention you can devote to the task)
Priority (if you still need to choose between tasks which one is most important)

CONTEXTS: That said, while Context is a relatively clear concept, I have historically found it difficult to choose and create the best (and minimal, as too many contexts seem universally believed to be counterproductive) Contexts. My new approach is to create Context based on the “rarest most precious” limiting factor I can think of for a next action.

TIME: While I can obviously see the estimated time to complete field in OF2, it does not seem to appear in the iPhone App, nor is it obvious how to create a View that shows tasks based on available time, let alone sorted by more than one of these 4 essential metrics (e.g., Time and Energy, or Context, Energy and Priority).

Does anyone know of any resources, text or videos that go through the practical use of OF 2 OSX and OF iPhone?

Thank you very much…best of luck to you all in Getting Things Done :)


Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_QDAYColR6NqLUlBObW4g4vXpCzIzj3c he has OS X videos as well.

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Wonderful…thank you!