El Capitan layout on screen not quite right?

Since upgrading to El Capitan I think the way that different ‘widgets’ in the OmniFocus window have changed.

So in this screen (in my project list) under each task there’s a little dot—just sitting there, doing nothing.

And here in my inbox, I’m sure there used to be more space between the project name and the context … maybe there used to be a dot/bullet between them?

Is my memory right here? Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

(Running OF 2.2.5)

Hey there! This is a known issue when running OmniFocus 2.2 on El Capitan – we have a fix in the works with OmniFocus 2.3, which is due out soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

cool. Good to know that it’s not just me!

I’m giving the test-builds a run now, and they look perfect.