Email forward to OF2?

So with OF2 and the new sharing features does anyone seen a new way to efficiently forward emails to OF2?
Has there been any talk of Omni Group creating a Card for the CloudMagic email app ?

Nothing that I have noticed.
In any case, MailMate (OS X) and Dispatch (iPhone) offer good integration at the moment.

I’m going to move this to the iPad-specific category.

Do remember that if you sync with the Omni Sync Server you can use our Mail Drop feature to forward emails to OmniFocus:

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I use that daily, Mail apps like CloudMagic offer “Cards” to add an email to other applications like Onenote, Evernote etc… Everyone is adding swipe to Evernote etc… that is what I am looking for to add to Omni Focus.


OmniFocus 2 for iPad (and the latest update for OmniFocus 2 for iPhone) include a Sharing extension that allows any application using iOS’s standard sharing interface to send data to OmniFocus. Please write to your favorite app authors to encourage them to adopt the new iOS 8 extension support.

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OK, So CloudMagic has added the “Save Email to” feature. Omnifocus works with this feature however the entire email (body included) is saved to the title of the task. I have contacted CloudMagic and they state you have to adjust this.

I have tested with other task management software they work properly.

Please look at this as this feature has changed the game of productivity for the mobile user!

thank you

Cam - and others.

I have the IOS8 extensions, and I do NOT have OF2 as an option in CloudMagic. I’d love to use it, but it won’t show up under “Send email to”.

On my desktop/laptop I use Postbox which has an extension with seamless integration to OF2. I believe Apple Mail does, also.