Email triage with iOS plus email link back (Sift)

I have been looking for years now for a simple email triage app. Since iOS mail can’t share emails with third party apps I can’t efficiently create todos from my emails when on the go. Mail drop is neat but without a link back to the email it is rather useless. I have tried every single email app including Dispatch but still prefer the native email app.

I stumbled across the iOS App Sift which is not meant to to replace your email app. It just shows your unread emails from all accounts and you can decide a la GTD if you want to archive, delete, answer, or send to Omifocus. I contacted the developer and begged for the feature having a link back to the email be sent to OmniFocus and voila! In the last update this message:// link back is now included and sent to OmniFocus! Any todo now opens the native mail app!

This is heaven on earth and works well for my yahoo and gmail accounts. I am still struggling with Office365 accounts but I hope the developer can make that happen as well.

I still thought this link might be interesting for many of you since I have been looking for this for ages and I know it keeps coming back in the forums. I am not affiliated with the app or company behind it.

Sift Lite - Gesture based email triage for all your mailboxes by Appstafarian

Comments welcome!


Nice app. But it seems to take a lot of taps to send a message to OmniFocus.

Is there any way to streamline the process?

That is true. Ideal would be one swipe gesture to send the email to a predefined app (in my case OmniFocus) straight into the inbox. Would you agree? If so, the developer is very responsive. We could ask. I really see this use case as the main one for OmniFocus users and any app that can solve this will be successful …

Way too many clicks. I prefer Dispatch.