Enhanced Folder Functionality

Projects could be described in part as collections of tasks which inherit characteristics from their parent. Some of these characteristics are inherited explicitly (context) and some implicitly (dates).

I’d like to see the function of folders enhanced to be more like this for projects. Currently the only thing projects can inherit from folders is the implicit active/dropped status. I’d like to see project be able to inherit other characteristics.

Most important to me, if projects could inherit implicit aspects of review cycles then I could review projects in my someday folder on a different schedule from active projects, without having to explicitly change the review cycle. Or I could set all work projects to be reviewed during the work week, but not during my weekend.

Other potentially helpful enhancements could include

  • all statuses (on hold and complete, not just active and dropped)
  • start—oops defer—and due dates
  • repeat cycles

Apologies if this has already come up. I have not seen this addressed and did a forum search.