Entering Calendar Actions/Info Using OF2 and Calendar App

In the “Getting Things Done” book it explains which actions should be shown on your calendar. I just want to clarify where to enter these; using either OF2 or a calendar app (such as OSX-Calendar).

Here’s the way I suppose it should be done:

Time-Specific Actions (i.e. appointments): Enter using a calendar app at the date/time desired.

Day-Specific Actions: Enter using OF2 as an action with the defer date/time set for the date desired and time at the beginning of the day, and the due date/time set for the date desired and time at the end of the day.
I suppose these could also be entered using a calendar app, but then they wouldn’t show up in the contexts view of OF2.

Day-Specific Information: Enter using a calendar app as an “all-day event”.

Then the forecast view in OF2 would be used to view all of these entries together.

Is this the correct?

Sounds good to me. That’s basically what I do. I definitely recommend Fantastical for Mac and iOS as a calendar app.

Correctness all depends on whether it works or makes sense to you or not :)

Easily, day-specific actions (ones that need to be performed on a specific day) could also go on your calendar (for me, I often need to do this because I have a meeting-heavy work style, so need to make sure that there will be time enough in my day to do those things).

As you say, you could also do this in OF, with stuff deferred to and due on the same day. I think the important thing is to make sure you have rules for how you approach this, so that you don’t have to think about where things should go when you are organizing or where things are when you’re engaging.

Just some additional thoughts.


I just started using Fantastical on iOS and it’s glorious. Great reco, @joeldrapper.