Error message when attempting to use Seri

When attempting to use Siri with OmniFocus I get the following error message:

Omnifocus hasn’t added support for that with Seri

OmniFocus 3.12.2
OS 12.1

Any suggestions as to a possible cause of the failure.


Would you mind editing the title to say “Siri” rather than “Seri”? Thanks!

Could you share details of what specifically you were trying to do with Siri & OmniFocus? For example: “Hey Siri, add Test task to OmniFocus”

Thanks for your response.

I now believe that this problem was caused by my system since after several reboots the symptom disappeared.

To answer your question, when dictating using similar wording I received the error message that I posted originally.
The only difference is that I used “Hey Siri add test task in Omnifocus”

Originally I assumed that there must be something in my configuration that must be corrupted because I knew that voice commands worked. Still as I said the symptom eventually disappeared and voice instructions now work as expected.

Hence I requested that this thread be removed since I don’t think it adds any value.

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