Error messages in OmniFocus 2

I’ve just upgraded to OmniFocus 2, but it seems as if there quite a few glitches with weird error messages.

When I click on Inbox, for example, I get:

-[NSViewController loadView] could not load the “ContentView” nib.

When I click on Quick Open, I get:

**** -[__NSPlaceholderDictionary initWithObjects:forKeys:count:]: attempt to insert nil object from objects[0]*

If I click on Contexts, I get:

-[NSViewController loadView] could not load the “TreeSidebarViewController” nib.

Any ideas as to what’s going wrong and how to fix it? Thanks.

Seems to be OK after a restart. Not sure if this will recur, though?

Those error messages indicate that OmniFocus couldn’t find its own resources. Is there any chance that you renamed the app or moved it to another folder (or moved the folder it was in to another folder) while it was actively running? That would explain the issue (and why restarting the app fixed it).