Estimated time usage of OmniFocus - how much time do I spend for planning?

Sometimes we spent more time for planning things than for doing things )).
This feature in OF may be quite useful:

  1. OF collects info “how long this App is in foreground”.
  2. We can see the collected statistics like “spent time for some particular day”, “average time per day”.
  3. Since this feature needs additional resources, the collected data may be automatically overwritten sometimes (once a year, or ones a month, or manually) - just to reduce volume of data.

We don’t have plans for a feature like this, but if you’re interested in tracking your time in OmniFocus, you might check out a dedicated time-tracking app for OS X. Hazel comes to mind, but I’ve never used it and there are plenty of others. I’m sure other forum users would love to hear about anything you do find.

Dave, thanks a lot for the reply!
Actually, I am using iPad version, there is no similar time-tracking app for iOS.

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