Every 14th and last day unless it’s a weekend

It’s there a way in OF3 to repeat a task on the 14th and and the last day of the month, unless they are weekends than push the due date to the left to the nearest weekday?

For example I need to sign time cards every two weeks, but often the last work day is the 13th but the pay period ends on the 15 so I need to sign time sheets on the 13th instead. Thanks.

You could definitely do the 15th and the last day, but not the moving of the two dates based on weekends (yet anyway!). What I would do would be to create two tasks, one which repeats on the second Friday of every month, and one which repeats on the last weekday of every month, that should cover you, though the first task will almost certainly show up before it needs doing, you could re-arrange it without destroying the repeat.


Defer dates could help with the visibility, though! I like the two task solution here.


That’s what I’ve done, I set it to the 14th and last day and have it visible within 3 days. Should have me covered.

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