Every sync requires password [Check thread for how to diagnose.]

My latest OmniFocus 2 Build v87 r209636 always requests Authentication for OmniSync all the time (every 5min through auto sync and on every manual sync)

One thing that can cause this is a duplicate or incorrect entry in the Keychain. You can use the built-in “Keychain Access” app (in your utilities folder) to check for any entries that need to be removed.

If no dupes or incorrect Keychain entries are found, the next possibility to investigate is that the Sandboxing security layer in the OS has decided OmniFocus can’t be trusted for some reason and is blocking your install from accessing the keychain at all.

If you suspect that’s the case, you’ll want to re-install the app and make sure it hasn’t been modified or altered in any way - including the name that appears in the Finder. If you’re still having trouble at that point, email us via the help menu and we’re happy to investigate what’s going on. Hope this helps!