Exchange-Mail-Server Clipping OF2 w/o email-link

Mailserver: Exchange
Mailclient: Mail (Mac)
Omnifocus Version: 2 Pro
Clip-O-Tron: 3000 from Version 1, Mailtags as well


I try to get to zero inbox by clipping my mails to OF2 and then moving them via Mail Act On to “Archive”. In the past this worked fine, as I was looking through my OF on a daily basis and the mails I had to work on were shown as due. So I clicked on the link in the OF-notes to be redirected to the original mail (in my archive). My company switched their mailserver from IMAP to Exchange a few weeks ago. I am still able to clip these mails however there is no “deep link to the original mail” any more. If I use my personal mailaccount ( / IMAP) everything works perfectly fine and I still have the deep link to the original mail.

Does anyone else have this kind of problem or even better: any solutions figured out yet? :(

Attached you find a screenshot, where you can see the difference: IMAP vs. Exchange.