Excited to see where OmniFocus 4 is headed

Maybe I am just not a visionary with apps - I can’t see the potential until it’s almost finished, and in front of me, but I love where OmniFocus 4 is headed now!

I am using OF 3 while I wait out the watch app to be addressed in OF 4 (I love throwing my iPhone’s current tag over to the watch), but now the Mac, iPad, and iPhone versions of OmniFocus feel closer than ever.

The security of the Omni Group servers/platform is an additional consideration that has drawn me back to OF after I had reverted back to Things (when OF went into initial beta 17 months ago). I recently started up again with OF 3 again as the control, Review feature, security, and task deferral without piling up a mountain of deferrals into a “Today” list (ahem, CC) are pillars of a professional app for me. I run my business with a few key apps, and my task manager is one of them. It’s good to be back, and thanks Omni Group for the attention to detail!


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