Excluding a tag from Forecast?

Hi everyone, I’ve been using my Forecast perspective a lot - along with other perspectives for recurring tasks, certain context, certain mega-projects, &c. - but there is one issue that’s bothering me about Forecast.

I like that it shows me everything that’s coming up, including tasks that are due in the next couple of days, but some of those are routine - like a certain telephone call that I have to make every single day, and a different call that I have to make every other day - and I’d like to exclude them from Forecast.

The obvious way I thought to do this was to give them a certain tag, like “Exclude,” and then configure my Forecast perspective to exclude those - but it doesn’t look like that’s an option. I’d prefer not to use a different perspective than Forecast, because then I would lose the good stuff that Forecast provides, like calendar integration.

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