Excruciatingly slow sync on iPhone

The sync on my iPhone takes over a minute! I am based in India and read in the support section that there could be a bit of a lag as the sync servers are based in the US but this seems overly slow. Is anybody else experiencing these issues? Would greatly appreciate some help!

It could be that, but it could be some sync information is out of date.

I was having lots of lag when syncing and found that I had a device that was significantly out of sync with the rest. This resulted in a huge number of zip files in the database (containing transaction history).

If you, too, have a lot of zip files (more than 50 or so), perhaps look at your sync devices to make sure they’re all up to date. Remove any that are red or yellow and that you don’t use anymore (or are old links to current devices), then re-sync. That should trigger a database compression and speed up the syncs.


Thanks @nostodnayr. I had one device that was significantly out of sync and so have removed that from the Sync list and, for good measure, have uninstalled OmniFocus on the device. The syncs do seem faster now but will keep an eye out over the next few days to see how the Sync handles changes to the database .

Many thanks!

How big is your database? If it is very big (holding many items) that might be the reason why sync is slow. You can archive the database. You end up with one local on the computer and the other one being the current one (which obviously holds the items that you haven’t completed) that you can sync.