Expanding/refining share extension?

Are there plans to improve the Omnifocus share extension on the mac?

For example, I would like to make notes, photos, or a checklist on Notes.app and append its contents into the “Notes” section of a new task through the OF share extension, either via a direct link or simply as pasted text.

The current implementation of the share extension cannot specify the name of the task, due date, nor append photos.



I would also like to see the share extension get some love is macOS! In Safari, it’s actually less functional than the old bookmarklet, which would at least fill in the action name with the webpage title.


Since this post, has any way developed to quickly “share” a web page in Safari and include a due date or other information?

I use the OmniFocus Send to Inbox service, which prepoluates Quick Entry with the URL and lets me add due date info, tags/contexts, etc., and I’ve assigned it a hot key through System Preferences.

Hope this helps!