Export artboards no longer respects 'transparent background' with SVG

I’ve already reported this via “Help > Contact Omni…” inside of OG, [OG #1667994] but since I’m not getting a timely response, I feel compelled to post it to the forums, in case anyone here has seen this too, and/or has a workaround:

Using version 7.2.1 of OG Pro, if I export SVG format, artboards only, and with transparent background, 1. The software incorrectly shows “File 1 of 1” under the generic SVG icon in the preview area of the Export sheet; and 2. It actually does export all ~35 of my icons, but none of them get a transparent background!

Super frustrating. Need my “pro” software to work or my dev team gets grumpy. One workaround is to copy/paste my icons into Sketch and then export SVGs from there, but it does beg the question, why use OG in the first place!?

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