Export as svg format problems(BUG,shoud be fixed)

when i export as svg,all the text space indent are gone.
how can i have space indent in svg?

OmniGraffle for Mac Version 7.7.1

The easiest solution is to use tabs (option + tab) instead of spaces which will give you precise control. There are other options to workaround it as well, like using a separate text box, or converting text to shapes.

Here’s an example of each technique and what it looks like after export to SVG:

yes it works in that way. but it is still a pain in the ass when you paste from somewhere with indent style.

i noticed that space indent are all here in the svg file but is trimmed by browser(svg syntax means to do that).
and you should add a proporty xml:space=‘preserve’ in text tag, then all the style will be fine as it looks in software.

this proporty should be added to svg text tag automatically when export

Please feel free to email us any bugs or feature request from Contact Omni (Under the help menu). That applies to anyone else reading the forums who wants to see this change in SVG export. An email is the best way to make sure your input is properly tracked.