Export Behavior Inconsistency

I’m currently using OmniFocus 2.1, and I’ve run into an annoying inconsistency in the app’s behavior.

If I select a single project and print it to PDF, just that one project is printed. Likewise, when I choose Export as Simple HTML, plain text, or CSV, OmniFocus will export just the single project that I want.

However, when I choose Export as OmniFocus document, my entire database is exported - not the single project that I have selected.

I’ve reported this to OmniFocus support, and the reply I received noted that this is intended behavior.

I really want to export individual projects, but it appears that that is not possible with the out-of-the-box OmniFocus configuration. Beyond just wanting to do this though, it seems strange that the export function would produce different data depending upon the destination file type.

So I’m just curious . . . am I missing the point? Is there a logical reason why different destination file types should yield different data? And beyond that, does anyone else have a need or want to export individual projects as an OmniFocus document? Would it be helpful/useful if the export worked consistently across all output types?