Export Hierarchical Project List (w/ Folders)

Despite much searching about, I’m still searching for a solution to my problem.

As a part of my review process, I’d like to be able to succinctly have an overview of my current projects and review that list directly - ideally on paper to be able to share with others.

What I would like to be able to do is export the fully expanded project list into a plain text file, which retains the hierarchy so that the relationship of the projects to one another is clear and evident.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Do you use Folders, or just projects and action groups in your hierarchy?

If you don’t use folders there are a couple of options that might work for you without modification:

  1. File > Export > as HTML gives you a document similar to OmniFocus’ own print function, where Projects are headers and action group children are indented.

  2. @curt’s Export View to OmniOutliner script creates an OO document where Level 1 Rows are projects and the hierarchy proceeds from there. This outline could be printed as is or exported to another format, assuming you have OO.

Dave, thanks for the reply and pointing out those approaches.

I should have mentioned up front that I do indeed currently use folders as an important element of organizing projects, and so neither of those is able to output the hierarchal form I was hoping for…

Really wish that there were a folder-friendly solution to this…

For me it’s important to be able to consider my project list (or portions of it) just on it’s own without all the other supporting actions and structure, but retaining it’s indented formatting.

A streamlined solution would vastly help my Project review process!!

Just adding my comment as a +1 to this thread: I sure wish there was a way to print or export a hierarchical project list which includes the folders my projects are organized into.

Printing and exporting hierarchical folder structure would be awesome.

I have a Javascript automation snippet that does exactly this. It dumps a text outline to the console. I’ll work on getting it to the clipboard and share.

Nice, I like the resurrection of this thread!

Would certainly be curious to take a look @orca!

With v3.8, I have this working! It’s an automation that copies the hierarchy to the clipboard with tab indentation. Very handy for quickly pasting into an email! I will clean up and post it.

I’m also working to export the hierarchy to a MindNode map with links to each project. This is nice for a visual map of everything on my plate, and I can quickly jump directly to OF from the map!

Orca: I would lobe the option to export to MindNode! I‘ve been doing this manually from time to time since this gives me a very nice visual idea and oberbiew.
Did you manage to find a way to achiebe this and would you be willing to share the script?

MindNode accepts CSV import. I’m using the format right now - for a completely different purpose. It’s rather pickier (but simpler) than the equivalent CSV format for iThoughts.

Export from MindNode into OmniFocus could be interesting. But it could lead to too much hierarchy and too many tasks… :-)