Export Image settings

I usually screen grab the resource plan and hand out to the team, but its taking a lot of time and it would be awesome to start using the export image as a publish script, since I could use filters for the different departments. But, all my projects are almost a year long, and I don’t need to hand out more than the next 2 - 3 weeks. Is there a way to narrow down the timeline in export?

I could always use print for getting an pdf or something out, but that’s not possible in a publish script.
Or is this something I can use apple script for?

@fredrikarntzen Have you considered adding date filters to your image export publishing action? It is not currently possible to add variables like the “next 3 weeks,” but you can specify only including tasks that start/end before or after a specific date.

Hi and thanks for getting back to me!

Filtering on date doesn’t change the way omniplan export images from the gant chart. The filter works fine, but the image is still the complete length of the project. Attaching a screen grab with the date filters set between 9th and 30th.

For me handling over 1500 tasks between 5 departments over one year this is actually a big deal, so really appreciate some suggestions here :)