Export OmniFocus Project levels to OmniPlan and Horizons of Focus

I keep trying to use OmniPlan, and I’ve not grokked it yet. I know a lot of people would like to see an integration between the two, and while that is cool, what would really be a game changer for me would be something much less simple.

Every week or month I try to get an overview of my horizons of focus and others, the 20,000 and higher levels.

I’ve tried creating mandamus, but so far I’ve not got anything that fits well for me personally.

I think it would be great if I could have export Project and Folder levels only (not the tasks) to OmniPlan. If I need to work on tasks… then OF is great for that. But it lacks for me in looking at higher level.

But here’s the kicker… Project X in OF has 40 tasks, 10 of which are overdue and 5 are done. To have this listed with some easy to see and understand at a glance the 3 different overdue/done/left to do states of each project/horizon. I could look at the 100+ projects and quickly see my status and understand it in less than five seconds.

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I know this is not an answer to the question but … have you considered mind maps and Kanban boards for the higher level management?

FWIW, an AppleScript could give you the stats while you are in OF. I am not sure where you can find this one --> OFQuickStats. I also had one that I made on my own that is not polished enough to post.

I’ve used some mindmaps before. The friction there is the mind map import/export/sync and not OF. I’ve looked into Kanban and so far the concept isn’t sticking. But thank you for the suggestions… I’ll look into both again.

AFAIK Mindnode (and others) can export to opml, which is perfectly legible in OmniOutliner (or the fabulous “Tree”, or MagicalPad, or simply copy from the outlining view in Mindnode, or use you favorite opml viewer…), mark and copy all tasks to transfer, paste in OmniFocus- voilá!

Mindmaps = OmniGraffle which is an incredible program :)

Omnigraffle has a huge amount of friction in its use. The primary use of mind maps for me is ability to think in organized manner quick. Thus far the best two program, by far, are MindNode and iToughts. There isn’t really a close second to these two that I’ve found that work on the Mac and iOS. Of the two, iThoughts has the better export function (especially with markdown) but MindNode has the better polish and less friction.

I abhor friction at all levels. Omnifocus itself has a fair amount that causes me to keep an open eye for other programs. I sometimes flirt with TaskPaper and ToDoist.