Export Perspective on Mac to readable text

Sorry for being terse.
I want to use the script to generate few types of text files to display using Übersicht for inbox, due soon etc
Also the perspectives text output produces “-” which results in two lines (one regular and one strikethrough) when Übersicht displays.

would like a text file written as


and same for Due Soon or Due Now and other perspectives.

thanks in advance and appreciate the help

@narabharath, you can set the output of the Execute a Javascript For Automation action to a variable named, for example, perspectiveText.

Then, setting up a Write To File action, in this way:

Great thanks a lot. will give it a try ( I got it working by assigning to clipboard and back :)) yours is better. BTW is it possible to avoid the - in front of the tasks list created?

Will look into it later.

Just sent you a DM, @narabharath.

Hi to you all,
Tried to use the script but I’m getting a a error loading plug-in: Cannot find manifest comment delimited by /{ … }/ in file:///var/folders/x6/xg3j4hps5gx1cjt8kl_4hl240000gn/T/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus3/Seguintes-1.omnijs

Can someone help me figuring this out?


There is no OmniJS plug-in published in this post. Could you say where is the plug-in you are referring to ?

I tried to use the code that you published in Jan2019 into a .omnijs file… Thanks!

I see. That code is written in JavaScript. However, it uses JavaScript For Automation (instead of OmniJS API). So, you can’t copy it and save it as a .omnijs file.