Export selected object to svg without x,y translation?

If I select an object on the canvas and export to SVG, I get SVG code like this:

<svg ... viewBox="640 501 30 25" width="30" height="25">
   <path d="M 652.5 501 L 643.125 501 ..." 

Is there a way to make that so there is no viewBox and it’s drawing next to the origin?


Try Copy As > SVG with a selection and see if that is closer to what you want.

It produces the same thing.

When you export a selection, I am expecting it the upper left of the selection to be at the origin. That is what I am seeing here when I export a selection to SVG. Are you seeing something else? Can you email us an example at omnigraffle@omnigroup.com so we can take a look?


I sent the email. The SVG appears fine. I’m asking for a change that results in simpler and more compact code.


Thanks for the example and for explaining what you are looking for. It isn’t possible at this time, but I’ll make sure that your request for a simplified SVG export is shared with the team.


In general, exported SVG should be as compact and simple as possible.

A case with millions of objects should not be excessively verbose, as there are costs to processing, transmission and handling.

At the same time it should be amenable to eg XSLT (as SVG is XML).