Export to DOT Format

I believe that OmniGraffle has some ancestral relationship to Graphviz. Is it possible to export simple diagrams to DOT format for use by Graphviz. I have the latest Pro version and understand if some features of OG, like layers, wouldn’t work.

You can import DOT format files to some extent, but there is not a way to export them that I am aware of. There is a table at https://support.omnigroup.com/doc-assets//OmniGraffle-Mac/OmniGraffle-Mac-v7.0.0.1/en/EPUB/xhtml/0301_import.xhtml detailing which parts of the DOT format are supported. There are a few online utilities that claim they support converting from PDF to DOT. Keep in mind you can both export to PDF and also Copy as PDF with a selection in OmniGraffle. If you have success with that method, it would be great if you can share what worked for you.

I’m not seeing a converter from PDF to DOT that is useful. The ones I see are for DOT, some kind of MS Word Template format, not Graphviz’ format.

Do you have a specific tool or URL that works to convert PDF to Graphviz?

Any assistance appreciated.