Export to OmniFocus document - safe to share?

I’ve used Chris Suave’s Tempates.scpt to make a template project that I want to share with others (not “share” as in the sense that they will be working on the project with me, but “share” in the sense that they can just use the same template for their own projects).

I’ve been trying to figure out if there is an easy way to share a template with someone. Is there?

The best I’ve been able to find is to use the Export menu, and export to an OmniFocus document (and then delete everything except for the template, since for some reason that exports everything). Is that OmniFocus document safe to share once it’s been cleaned up? I want to make sure, for example, that it doesn’t have other data in it, or my sync credentials.

Your Omni Sync Server account (or WebDAV URL) and password will not be in this file.
A few preferences, mostly relating to perspectives, will be included in this file.
So, if your perspective names are secret, that could be an issue.

After you create the file, you can actually view the contents in a text editor.

  • Right-click the file in Finder and choose ‘Show Package Contents’.
  • Double-click the .zip file with the crazy name to unzip it.
  • There should now be a file named ‘contents.xml’, which you can open in a text editor and see exactly what’s in there.

I don’t recommend editing that file manually (and re-zipping it), as it’s pretty easy to create a file that OmniFocus won’t open anymore.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out.