Export to Power Point: can it be customizable?

I have a nice outline for a course in cybersecurity. It includes the target students, metainformation and so on. It also includes a section for the curricular plan, i.e. the course content itself. All this content is nicely and usefully package in one file. I’m really glad with this way of planning things with OO.

Now, it would be super if I could export the contents part to Power Point, each level 5 row, to a slide.
But as far as I know, only level 1 rows export to new slides. This restriction demands that I export the contents to a new OO file and format the outline there (transfer level 5 into 1). This way I loose the rich context in my original file and I end up with 2 files concerning the same thing. But the worst part is that in this workflow we lost the synchronism between the original document (the course plan) and the slides plan: we have to work in parallel, independently, both documents.

My question: is it possible to define the level at which we want the row to became a new slide?

Not in a way I can see. Maybe via automation?

Thank you for your comment ScoutsHonor.

That’s what I was thinking. But that would be wonderfull since we may have a whole planning document, until the slide and notes; not just a document to make the slides, because for that matter we can also achieve structure in Power point itself.

Ok, in theory we might have two ways: pure, high level automation (as you suggest) some kind of “take the 5th level rows, copy them to a new document as 1st level rows”, OR by modifying the OPML XML.

The thing is that I am not very comfortable with automation, nor I have the time to learn from scratch - i.e. purely from documentation. Is there any place I can go for some tutorials about OO automation?

Check the OmniOutliner -> Automation message board (sub group of OmniOutliner).

Can also check the Automation menu in OmniOutliner.

…and now that I am looking for it, I can not longer find the “Export to Keynote” option. Did this go away?

This might prove helpful - article on exporting from OmniOutliner into Keynote.

I will look into it carefully.

Thank you very much it is a precious help ScoutsHonor

That script is helpful! Thank you.

  1. Via OPML and iThoughts?

  2. Via Markdown and MakeSlides?

Perhaps with editing in between. In both cases.

Hi MartinPacker, thank you for the suggestions. Yes it’s that kind of solution I was needing, but for the MAC, not just iOS. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if that kind of exportation could be made from inside the MAC - OO? Would be this a valid suggestion to our friends at Omni?
The help from ScoutsHonor was also very important, specially the link he indicates for the MAC automation.
So, I thank you all for this discussion, it has been very interesting and useful.