Export toPowerPoint failed on slide 37

Hi, I had to make a presentation quickly the other day and wrote it in OO on iPhone on the train into work. Then I added some more text in the desktop version of OO. Then I exported it to PowerPoint but it died on screen 37 and appended all the text to that screen.
I had a very simple format for each screen:

bullet point one
bullet point two
bullet point three

(Bullet points indented)

Seemed to work up to 37. No images involved. Any ideas? Have I hit a limit in the export filter? Should I try to split documents and export multiple slideshows in future?

Also, it seems to output everything as Times New Roman - my document is styled in Helvetica so it should be fairly simple there too. Anyone know the trick to get the export to respect your type choice?

Would you be able to share this OO file? Email omnioutliner@omnigroup.com with the file if you’re willing and reference this thread. I just tried a simple test and was able to generate more than 37 slides. There’s no expected limitation on the exporter so I don’t know what would cause this.

There are very few styles the exporter will preserve, mainly just bold, italic, underline, and baseline. This is so themes can be applied in PowerPoint and the font face/size/color/etc of those themes will used. The exporter does not create a theme from the OO document which would be proper way to support more styles from the original document.

Thanks for the reply especially re the styles. I will email the OO Doc and the resultant PowerPoint first thing tomorrow.

Hi, just got back to this and found that gulp, it was ‘user error’. I had indented a heading so that everything then read as a child of that screen rather as following the schema of heading and three bullet points. Sorry for the confusion.
Apologies all round.