Exporting PDF of Specific Tasks (Within a Date Range)

Hi there,

I’m testing out OmniPlan for my company and so far I’ve been very impressed and I’m almost convinced it’s the right choice. The one feature that I can’t seem to figure out is how to export an outline view or report with only a specific date range or only specific tasks.

I’m trying to use the program to export out weekly logs (group of tasks) with resources assigned to them each week. The tasks remain the same, just repeat with a different date assigned to them. I’m pulling from the same resource list for each “log” within a project. I want to be able to export this out each week as a PDF but only show the tasks and resources for that specific week.

Am I doing this right? Is there a different workflow that would be better for this?

@cmcdaniel You should be able to accomplish this by applying a filter before exporting your project (OmniPlan for Mac exports exactly what is currently visible in the project window).

Information about creating and using filters in OmniPlan is available [here][1].

Hope this helps!
[1]: https://support.omnigroup.com/documentation/omniplan/mac/3.3/en/working-in-task-view/#filteringthetaskoutline