Extend the add task button to add task to current project/context, not just inbox

One suggestion: When I am currently in a project or context and press the add new task button at the bottom of the screen I would like the option to either add a new item to the inbox or add it to the current project/context that is being viewed. What I mean is that when adding a new inbox item in a project/context then it would be ideal if the project/context field was prepopulated in the add new task dialog screen.

The way I envision it is like this: When I press the button it creates a new Inbox item just as it normally does. However, when I press and hold the button it pops up a small menu that gives me the option of creating the new item in the current project/context that I’m viewing. To see what this looks like just press and hold the “globe” icon on the iPhone keyboard to see the popup menu containing the default keyboard and emoji keyboard (and swiftkey on mine).

A popup menu like that for the add to inbox button would be fantastic. This is especially useful when using the Review mode, because the whole point of that mode is to add new items quickly while reviewing a given project/context.

I’ll e-mail this idea in as well, just wanted to advertise it in case anyone else wants to request it as well.

if you type text into the Projects field or the Contexts field, it will try to do a fuzzy search and offer a list of matches.

If I type ‘H’, I will get H_ouse or H_ospital but I won’t get Office.

If I type ‘U’, I will get Ch_u_rch or any other contexts that have the letter U.

Would this work for you?

Isn’t the circled plus button at the top of the screen just what you are looking for?


I’m not sure if I’ve ever noticed that icon before. Though I had stopped using OF for about a month and just picked it back up a couple days ago. Maybe I just forgot it was there. Thanks for pointing that out.

Actually we are both right. The plus icon does do what I wanted – IF I’m in the projects or contexts view.

In custom perspectives there is no such icon, only the add to inbox icon at the bottom. This seems to be an oversight in the design. The whole point of custom perspectives is that we can live in them for various projects /aspects/locations/whatever. The most likely time for me to think of a new task that fits into a given perspective is when I’m working in that perspective.

It must be a bug (I don’t have the pro version, so I can’t see it). Send a mail to support, so that they could fix it.

I sent one a little while ago. Though I’m wondering now if it’s even possible to do that in a perspective since a single perspective can contain multiple projects and contexts. It could just be me over thinking it since I tend to use perspectives that focus on one context or root level project at a time, so a feature like that would be useful to me but may not be feasible to implement.

Of course - you’re right. I didn’t think about that. You have to use the technique described by wilsong then, but that’s not so bad!