Extending notes.. any thought?

I wonder if there anyone else has any thoughts on this. Let me give you a scenerio:

I do a lot of paper and essay writing on OO which is fantastic being able to share effortlessly between iOS and OS X. But ultimately when it comes to advancing my papers I have to drop it into scrivener or a word doc. The best way to send to scrivener (I have found) is each line in OO becomes a summary or title and the notes actually hold the paragraph content. When I send it to scrivener the notes get added to the body copy of the document. What occurred to me is if there was some additional view options in OO I wouldn’t need scrivener for this part of the process. 2 options:

At the moment when you click on an outline item (in the left sidebar) I can view the note in a separate panel below the main outline. But, what would would be better was it those notes showed any children of that item. So selecting the root would show me a compiled list of paragraphs.

Or, as an alternative… an option to view the main outline as notes only and navigate by the left panel.

Maybe I am alone in how I use OO for this specific purpose but I wondered if it would have any traction.

I’m likely misunderstanding you. Here’s a screen grab from the “Book Draft” template built into OmniOutliner. I added notes but kept the display inline rather than in the separate panel. Does this do what you are looking for?

Ultimately this is to integrate into scrivener. Both apps use the open outliner format slighly differently. See below:

Section title > content
Content > notes

So if I add an outline to scrivener the content if my outline becomes essentially the titles for the document folder structure. So a title becomes a whole paragraph of text.

The way I have found around this is to outline my document in OO. Where each outline element is a very brief one line summary. Where I expand that to contain the full content is in the note. This allows me to import it into sci enter eventually.

To add my requirements to the book template you show: I’d like the option to only show the notes. So I can see my document progress withou the one line summaries.

This may sound a little odd but it would make OO very compatible with one of the best writing tools available.

I see now. This request at the old Omni forum looks identical, and running the script on the second page of the thread seems to do what you want, to wit:

As usual, Rob Trew comes in for the home run script!