Fail to import Microsoft Project Plan

OmniPlan fails to open a Microsoft Project Plan (.mpp) file generated by Microsoft Project version 1906 (Build 11727.20230) on Windows 10.

Two dialog boxes appear with the error messages below.

The document “grandplan.mpp” could not be imported. Do you want to report this problem?

See import log for details.

Unfortunately, our security software blocked the URL for the report preview.

More details about the file format:
$ file grandplan.mpp
grandplan.mpp: Composite Document File V2 Document, Little Endian, Os: Windows, Version 10.0, Code page: 1252, Title: msproj11

@vzbob Our Support team would be happy to look into this with you! They can be reached at

I reached out to support. The ID is OG #2239517. I wanted to cast a line in this pond too.

Any updates here please?

I have sent a mail to support, havent heard anything back…

Try to email them again.