Feature Request: Additional options for publishing due items as calendar alarms

I’d love to see a couple of extra options for the ‘Publish due items as calendar alarms’ feature in ‘Notifications Preferences’. I find it very useful to see due tasks in my calendar.

  1. It would be really useful to be able to customize the 'Due: ’ text that is prepended to the task title. I’d prefer 'Todo: ', but that should be a user choice.

  2. The event is created to start and end at the due time. I’d love to see the start time calculated from the ‘Estimated Time’ field for the task, so if it is due at 4pm and the estimated time is 1 hour, then the published event begins at 3pm and ends at 4pm.

Those two additions would supersize that feature and make it magnificent. I suspect the coding is relatively simple (being a developer myself).

// OmniFocus 2 ROCKS

Also emailed to ofpreview@omnigroup.com


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