Feature Request: Additional rules in Perspectives to filter out tasks containing certain tags

Please add Filter rules in Perspectives for:
“Not tagged with any of: ”
“Not tagged with all of: ”

Example: I could use this to show all available tasks tagged with “Morning Ritual” but not those tagged with “@Home”. This way I can easily create a variant of my Morning rituals Perspective for when I am travelling that filters out all the tasks that I need to be at home to complete.

You can already do this. You just nest it inside of a “none” group :)

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@rosemaryjayne is too fast lol. Here’s an example screen of how you could use None either at the top level or as a group:




Correct me if I am wrong, but this doesn’t seem to provide a way to show tasks tagged with “x” while hiding those tasks that are also tagged with “Y”? It seems I can only choose to not show tasks with particular tags, no…?

That was just an example of how to use a not. If you want to have some tags and not others, you’d have two tag rules, one to be met, and one not. More like this:


I see. Thanks. :)