Feature Request: Allow third-party apps to access task list in iOS8

From what I understand, iOS8 lets apps communicate with each other directly. It would be great if OF could let certain apps access the task list and let the user tick them off from another app. This would enable lots of great functionality. For example, a Pomodoro timer app could pull tasks from Omnifocus and let the user work on them, and tick them off when they are done.

I have been in communication with the maker of ‘Flat Pomodoro’ (a beautiful Pomodoro timer app) and he is very open to importing tasks from OF if they can be made available to his app.

More info about ‘Flat Pomodoro’ here: http://www.flatpomodoro.com/

I’m a big fan of this timer but it would be so much better if tasks can be pulled from OmniFocus.

It could probably be done so you can push an action from omnifocus to other app if the other application has an action extension. I don’t think is possible to pull from an app.